Year: 2017

Newsletter 5th June 2017

WOLDS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Notes of  the principal matters discussed on 30th May 2017 1. Competitions – September, 2017 – May, 2018 Andy announced the competition topics for next season as selected by members. By popular consent Fungi was dropped from the programme, and substituted by the next highest point scoring topic, “Boats and Ships”. The […]

Minimalism : Hand in 12th September 2017

Hand in 12th September 2017 Judging Date 26th September 2017  Roger Poyser Brief Dictionary Definition   “A style or technique that is characterized  by extreme sparseness and simplicity” A few Tips Think “less is more” and look to use simple lines, geometric patterns, strong shadows, contrasting colours, lone subjects, etc Deciding what to leave out of […]

Macro : Hand in 24th October 2017

Hand in 24th October 2017 Judging date 31st October 2017 Judge Paul Gunning Brief “Macro photography is defined as encompassing all photographs taken with a lens that will reproduce a scene at 1:1 life-size or greater magnification. 1:1 life-size usually requires a specialist lens or the use of extension tubes or supplementary lenses, therefor this […]

Boats & Ships : Hand in 21st November 2017

Hand in 21st November 2017 Judging Date 5th December 2017 Mike Darley Brief Boats & Ships is, on the face of it, unquestionably the most straightforward of the topics selected for the 2017/18 competition season. Ironically, however, that means that you will have to take even more care to ensure that the images you submit […]

Water : Hand in 9th January 2018

Hand in 9th January 2018 Judging date 23rdJanuary 2018 Judge Mike Barnard Brief “There are a host of different techniques you can use to make water come alive visually such as backlighting, fill flash or slow shutter speeds to blur its motion. It could be a droplet of water or a wave crashing on a beach. […]

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