Newsletter 1st Febuary 2017

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Newsletter 1st February 2017

Arts Centre Exhibition
As most of you will have now seen, we’ve installed the first 20 or so photos for this exhibition in the bar area. There are still another ten to put up in the Oak Room once the Pitman Poets exhibition finishes next week. I’ll hopefully be finishing the title cards before next week’s meeting, so if you haven’t yet sent me the details for your entry, I’d be grateful if you could get those to me before the weekend.

YCPG Competitions

With apologies once again for the problems associated with the selection process for the Millennium Trophy, this is now complete and the final chosen entries can be seen via a PDF link on the Facebook page (Go to the FILES section.) The key dates for the rest of the season as far as the YCPG goes are the 13th Feb (Norman Trophy at Driffield) and 13th March (Millennium Trophy at Hornsea). I won’t be available for the Norman Trophy evening, so I hope a few of you can make it over to Driffield to continue the support for the Society that we’ve shown so far. If someone could volunteer to take the Millennium Trophy entries over to Driffield too, I’ll make sure that I have them with me for next Tuesdays meeting. Cinema ‘Trailer’
Pete Thompson (the BBC cameraman, not the upcoming ‘Judge the judge’ speaker) has offered to edit together a decent slideshow/film for us, to be used as a trailer in the Arts Centre Cinema. One idea put forward was to have the images and clips categorised by ‘distance from Pocklington’, and shown in
reverse order of distance, so that the trailer starts with, for example, images of far away places, and ends up with images of the arts centre (and our exhibition) itself. If anyone has any other ideas, we can discuss them at a future meeting, but in the meantime I’ll set up another folder on the Google Drive (see below) for you to upload your images. Due to space constraints we’ll probably have to find another way of dealing with video uploads, so for the time being, please make it still images only. We’re going to need a LOT of images (around 120 – 240 minimum at a guess) so don’t be shy!

YPU Exhibition
I mentioned at last night’s meeting that this year’s YPU exhibition has crept up on us unannounced. I posted a link last week to the rules, so hopefully you’ve all had a chance to read those, and to work out which categories you’d like to enter (if any). I simply won’t have the time to do anything about this until I return from Iceland, but things will need to move fast from that point on so please don’t delay. At the meeting yesterday it was decided that we wouldn’t be giving up much ‘society’ time to work on this, so it’s up to you to get things done correctly. If you have any questions that can’t be answered by the information provided, please let me know.

Google Drive
As suggested by Shaun, I’ve converted our Google Drive Store so that every folder should now be available via a single ‘WPS HOST’ folder. This should make life easier for everyone, since we shouldn’t need to send out new links to folders for every new competition. Please note that you have EDIT access to this host folder, so we’re relying on you not to copy this link to anyone else, and to respect everyone else’s photos! The note you receive as part of the invitation asks if you could let me know that it all works at your end. If I’ve not heard from you by the weekend, expect a call!

Newsletter 1st Febuary 2017
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