Artistic Licence : Hand in 13th May 2018

Hand in 13th May 2018

Judged 22nd May 2018

Judge Ed Openshaw


“The point that I made when I came to judge your “Glass” competition was to avoid having the set subject rely on a named object/s – like glass or raindrops or even a local place in the hope that everybody will go there and take some new pictures etc etc.

A photographic theme may keep the subject choices more varied – even if that was East Coast or Yorkshire Wolds – as I guess you have moved on from just plain Portrait or Landscape or Close-ups a long time ago.

I will throw into the pot an idea to encourage some visualisation – along the lines of Altered images and virtual reality – so let’s say

“Artistic Licence”

This would facilitate something for the post-processing effects members, as well as in-camera pictorial techniques for those not into PS

I hope this helps


Artistic Licence : Hand in 13th May 2018
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