Boats & Ships : Hand in 21st November 2017

Hand in 21st November 2017

Judging Date 5th December 2017

Mike Darley


Boats & Ships is, on the face of it, unquestionably the most straightforward of the topics selected for the 2017/18 competition season. Ironically, however, that means that you will have to take even more care to ensure that the images you submit do not fall into the “run of the mill” category.  No definition of the topic is needed but when taking your images try to produce something different, that will catch the judges eye when he considers the entries. Whatever the subject, whether it be large, small, on water or out of it, full size or model, at sea or in dock/harbour, sail/steam/rowing etc, ancient or modern, try to capture it in an imaginative way. A close up image showing a part only of a ship/boat will be acceptable provided that it is clear what it is and that it is indeed part of a boat/ship. Consider shooting from imaginative angles, also night time shots, or images where slow shutter speeds have been utilised to show movement. Try panning techniques eg for speed boats. There are many possibilities to have a go at and let’s have a selection of images that are different from the average stock depiction of a boat/ship


Boats & Ships : Hand in 21st November 2017
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