Macro : Hand in 24th October 2017

Hand in 24th October 2017

Judging date 31st October 2017

Judge Paul Gunning


“Macro photography is defined as encompassing all photographs taken with a lens that will reproduce a scene at 1:1 life-size or greater magnification.

1:1 life-size usually requires a specialist lens or the use of extension tubes or supplementary lenses, therefor this brief recognises that not all members will have access to such accessories and will I will allow the submission of “close-up” photographs as well as true macro photographs.

Acceptable “Close-up” in the context of the competition should aim to depict in frame an area of less than approximately 10cm (4 inches), this is about the size of a large tulip flower for example. I say approximately because I wouldn’t expect anybody to be getting out a ruler to check dimensions….

Close-up photographs are allowed, but true macro images are also encouraged.

Within these boundaries, subject matter is entirely at the photographers discretion. It doesn’t have to be an insect or a flower. Imaginative subject matter often stands out in competitions if technically well executed. If you are struggling to think of a good macro subject to photograph, nip to Flickr, Tumblr, etc and search on “Macro” to see what other people shoot.

Great technical quality always helps on macro/close-up photography because it tends to be quite demanding in terms of camera-shake, lighting, critical focussing and good compositional skills, so aim to maximise these technical qualities in your entries.

Try to use the physical limitations imposed by macro/close-up work to your advantage (e.g. make use of the defocussed areas to provide a nice smooth background, look for nice colour/tonal blends in your backgrounds, line your camera up with the subject to provide as much “in-focu” detail as possible, or throw all but the critical points of interest in your subject out of focus for effect)”

Macro : Hand in 24th October 2017
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