Minimalism : Hand in 12th September 2017

Hand in 12th September 2017

Judging Date 26th September 2017 

Roger Poyser


Dictionary Definition   “A style or technique that is characterized  by extreme sparseness and simplicity”

A few Tips

  1. Think “less is more” and look to use simple lines, geometric patterns, strong shadows, contrasting colours, lone subjects, etc
  2. Deciding what to leave out of the frame is important in creating a strong image
  3. Composition – Simple does not mean boring. Use negative space in a positive way; a well placed subject does not have to be large to have a big impact; clever use of depth of field (wide aperture) can help to isolate your subject from the background; try using creative angles to enhance your image
  4. Textures and Colours  –  A bright colour or contrasting colours make great minimalist subjects (remember what we learned  about colour wheel combinations)
  5. Telling a Story –  can take your minimalist photography to the next level. Minimalist street photography can showcase an interesting urban landscape with a human element which, however small becomes the focal point of the image; minimalism can also be used in a natural environment; sometimes patience is needed eg for the right subject to walk through the frame

For inspiration visit Google Images – Minimalist photography. A really interesting concept which can produce stunning results. Have a go – you’ll enjoy it!

Minimalism : Hand in 12th September 2017
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