Water : Hand in 9th January 2018

Hand in 9th January 2018

Judging date 23rdJanuary 2018

Judge Mike Barnard


“There are a host of different techniques you can use to make water come alive visually such as backlighting, fill flash or slow shutter speeds to blur its motion.

It could be a droplet of water or a wave crashing on a beach. Water should be the main subject matter. I don’t want to see a landscape photo with a river in the distance or a general beach shot but will accept a river if it is the main subject matter or a close-up of people paddling at the seaside.

It has to look as though you have thought about the subject and not just picked an image from your files, but if you have a close-up of a dripping tap in your files then so be it!

Good luck”

Water : Hand in 9th January 2018
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