Newsletter 5th June 2017


Notes of  the principal matters discussed on 30th May 2017

1. Competitions – September, 2017 – May, 2018

Andy announced the competition topics for next season as selected by members. By popular consent Fungi was dropped from the programme, and substituted by the next highest point scoring topic, “Boats and Ships”. The competition topics, with hand in and judging dates are

“Minimalism”                Judging date –  26th September -Judge TBA

                                      Hand in date –  12th September

“Macro”                        Judging date –  31st October – Paul Gunning

                                      Hand in date –  17th October

“Boats & Ships”            Judging date – 28th November – Mike Darley

                                      Hand in date – 14th November

“Water”                        Judging date –  25th January – Mike Barnard

                                      Hand in date – 11th January

“Long Exposure”          Judging date – 27th February -Andrew Chandler

                                      Hand in date – 13th February

“Sharpness is a

Bourgeois concept”     Judging date – 27th March – Morris Gregory

                                      Hand in date- 13th March

“Backlighting”              Judging date – 26th April – Judge TBA

                                      Hand in date – 12th April

“Artistic Licence”         Judging date – 24th May – Ed Openshaw

                                      Hand in date – 10th May

In view of the early announcement of all topics for the season there will be a new “Time” rule applicable to your entries. If you are entering 1,2 or 3 images then all must have been taken after the 30th May 2017. If you are also entering a 4th image this may if you wish be taken from your archives ie be taken prior to 30th May 2017

A brief for “Mininalism” was handed out and is now on the website along with a brief for Boats and Ships” and briefs from Mike Barnard, Morris Gregory and Ed Openshaw on their suggested topics. Briefs on the remaining topics will be posted in due course


2. New Members. There was general agreement of the need to increase Society membership. One of the ways discussed was a Poster campaign, with each member undertaking to put up a Poster in a public place of their choice, preferably one with a good public footfall.= eg chip shop/library/medical centre etc. David Carlin gave a presentation on the sort of Posters we should be designing and several members also undertook to have a go at Poster designs. Members wishing to suggest a design should post their ideas on Facebook/our website

3. Summer Outings. A variety of possible summer outings were discussed, including  Beverley Races, Drax Power Station, Flamborough Head or Saltwick Bay at low tide, Gliding, York Railway Station, York Racecourse, a visit to Hull (preferably to cover a specific event), York Railway Museum. Other suggestions by members should be posted on  Facebook /our website.

The 2 following outings are now in the calendar and further details of times etc will appear in good time for the events

20th June  –  Beverley Races

11th July  –   Drax Power Station. If anybody has a request as to   specific site location they would like to include in the visit let Rob know and he will pass suggestions on to Drax.

Once further outings are firmed up then details will appear on Facebook/our website. Further outing suggestions will also be welcome

4. Next Seasons Programme

The following topics for discussion/presentation on Society evenings were taken from your response to Tim’s facebook poll set up after our AGM

Using Lightroom – Tim suggested that this be targeted at specific lightroom techniques rather than just left open. If anyone has any specific Lightroom issues they would like demonstrating then please let the Committee know.

Focus Stacking

Website use and updating your gallery

Planning and shooting a wedding

Micro focus adjustments

Studio Light Workshop

Pinhole Camera Workshop

Vivian Maier – the nanny who took pictures

In addition to the above Tim suggested we could have an evening where, say, 3 images having been given  to everyone to edit at home, they then bring in their edited versions to see how different members have approached the editing process.

Also John indicated that he would be prepared to give a presentation on the use of PhotoMechanic. He would also see if Graham may be prepared to help with a presentation covering the planning and shooting of a wedding.

Further ideas are needed so do keep your thinking caps on and let the Committee know of any further topics/presentations you would like to see in the programme. In particular it would be good to hear from members who are willing to give a presentation on a topic of their choice, preferable long enough to fill one half of a meeting.








Newsletter 5th June 2017
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