Month: May 2018

At The Seaside hand in 16th September 2018

Hand in  Sunday 16th September 2018 Judging Date   25th September 2018 Judge : Mike Barnard Brief One of the more straightforward subjects or is it? on the face of it yes anything that is found at the seaside is acceptable but you will really have to think about the composition and get your technical parts […]

Tranquillity hand in 14th October 2018

Hand in  Sunday 14th October 2018 Judging Date  23rd October 2018 Judge Paul Gunning Brief definition :  a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry, etc.: This is going to be a hard one to pin down as what you find Tranquil and what I find Tranquil could be totally different things but i think we can all agree what makes a […]

Autumn Colours hand in 11th November 2018

Hand in Sunday 11th November 2018 Judging Date 20th November 2018 Judge Morris Gregory Brief Autumn is, perhaps, the most photogenic season of the year. It features misty mornings, fiery sunsets, and rich oranges and reds in the trees before the leaves fall and blanket the landscape. Opportunities for taking Autumn pictures are often fleeting, […]

Portrait Hand in 20th January 2019

Hand in Sunday 20th January 2019 Judging Date  29th January 2019 Judge Grahame Mellanby Brief After yesterdays talk with graham he let us into what he is looking for 1 Technique graham said he wont be hugely marking us down on this as were not professionals but he is looking for good technique. 2 composition […]

Traditional crafts hand in 10th febuary 2019

Hand in  Sunday Sunday 10th February 2019 Judging Date  19th February 2019 Judge : Andrew Chandler Brief This can be anything to do with traditional crafts. This can be crafts being made or the end product ie someone making rope or it could be a still life of a blown glass vase. this will give […]

Repetition hand in 18th March 2019

Repetition Hand in: Sunday 18th march 2019 Judging Date:   26th March 2019 Judge:tbc Brief: Definition:- repetition: the act or an instance of repeating or being repeated.   a thing that repeats another. Repetition, a subject that can be handled in a studio, in macro, on a tabletop, outside, in fact repetition is everywhere. Repetition in photography […]

Curves hand in 13th April 2019

Hand in  Sunday 14th April 2019 Judging Date  23rd April 2019 Judge Les Stubbs Brief You are encouraged to submit interesting photos of curves in all their potential variations.  As possible subject matter, curves can be found everywhere – both in the natural world (e.g. rivers, rainbows, flowers, trees, some insects) and in the built […]

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