Autumn Colours hand in 11th November 2018

Hand in Sunday 11th November 2018

Judging Date 20th November 2018

Judge Morris Gregory


Autumn is, perhaps, the most photogenic season of the year. It features misty mornings, fiery sunsets, and rich oranges and reds in the trees before the leaves fall and blanket the landscape.

Opportunities for taking Autumn pictures are often fleeting, as a change of weather can cause the leaves to fall within just a few days and, as the days shorten, the time you have to shoot in daylight is limited, with patches of rain spoiling your shoots.

With a little patience though, and good planning you can achieve some stunning Autumn pictures that will make all your effort worthwhile.

here is a great article with lots of info and ideas



Autumn Colours hand in 11th November 2018
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