Y.C.P.G. Voting Guidance

Guidance on voting on the Y.C.P.G. pictures

I would like to make it clear that you are now responsible for picking the images that will represent our club at the Y.C.P.G.

 Please only vote for the best images based on merit not any other reason.


  1. when voting is open please click on the link to the appropriate competition
  2. in the title of the competition there will be the amount of votes you have per  competition this will correlate to the amount of entries we can enter so it’s important you take note of this number.
  3. please look through all entries and decide which pictures you think should go through
  4. you can vote on your own image if you think it’s in the ones that should be selected.
  5. as you can see on the image below the star on the left is how you vote for the image. The down arrow button gives you a full screen image in a different tab. The square gives a bigger picture and the 2 x right arrows removes the list of images on the right. The single right arrow on the bottom takes you to the next picture.

Y.C.P.G. Voting Guidance
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