Month: March 2019

8. Beauty in Decay hand in 29th March 2020

Hand in 29th March 2020Judged 7th April 2020Judge Pete Boyes The topic was inspired by a book of the same title which depicts beautiful and fascinating images taken by “Urban Explorers” who dedicate themselves to seeking out and photographing abandoned buildings around the world, including hospitals, factories, theatres, powerplants etc. It goes without saying that […]

7. Shadows hand in 1st March 2020

Hand in 1st March 2020Judged 11th March 2020Judge Brian Jackson Brief As photographers we are always chasing the light, trying to find that great light – golden hours and blue hours come to mind. But what about the other end of that – the shadows?Shadows can ground a subject and they can add extra dimension […]

5. Street Photography Hand in 5th January 2020

Hand in 5th January 2020 Judged 14th January 2020 Judge Graham Marshall Brief ‘Street photography’ is a genre that records everyday life in a public place (and not necessarily in streets!). The very publicness of the setting enables the photographer to take candid pictures of strangers, often without their knowledge. Street photographers do not necessarily have a social purpose […]

3. Leading Lines hand in 27th October

Hand in 27th October 2019 Judged 5th November 2019 judge : Grahame Mellanby Brief Leading Lines Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the attention of the viewer of the picture is drawn to lines that lead the viewer into the picture or to the main subject of the image. Leading lines create […]

2. Cityscapes hand in 29th September

Hand in 29th September 2019 Judged 8th October Judge : Mike Barnard Cityscapes are often defined as a landscape taken in an urban environment.  Cityscape photography is intended to capture something of the essence of city life and can include the breadth of things that make up a city (such as buildings, bridges, traffic, crowds […]

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