3. Leading Lines hand in 27th October

Hand in 27th October 2019

Judged 5th November 2019

judge : Grahame Mellanby


Leading Lines

Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the attention of the viewer of the picture is drawn to lines that lead the viewer into the picture or to the main subject of the image. Leading lines create an easy path for the eyes to follow through the picture. Commonly they start at the bottom of the frame and guide the eye upwards and inwards from the foreground to the main subject or until they reach a vanishing point, but this is not always the case. Be imaginative, downwards could be a beam of sunshine highlighting a building or feature.

Leading lines can be made up of manmade objects such as roads, rail lines and fences or of natural phenomena such as rivers, coastlines or rock formations. They could also be implied, such as by the gaze of several people looking at an event or subject.

Leading lines should enhance your composition by:

Creating depth and perspective.

Creating a visual journey through the image, telling a story.

Drawing the viewers’ attention to the main subject of the image.

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3. Leading Lines hand in 27th October
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