Month: March 2020

1st webinar indoor photography ideas and a chat

Indoor Photography Ideas Eight Indoor Photography Ideas 50 Photography Ideas (First eight are the same as above) 7 Creative Photo Projects A Photo Project for every week of the year Many indoor examples, but some require being outside…and some require OTHER PEOPLE, so take care with your selection – lol

ypu covid 19 update

Cancellations of open events in the YPU area. Please send out to your club members. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) situation –  The following Clubs and Societies have asked me to notify you regrettably they have postponed or cancelled events and lectures which would have been open to all YPU Photographers. March 20th to […]

8 Transport 4 images. hand in 28th March 2021

Hand in 28th March 2021judged on 6th April 2021Judge Steve Womack Important read the brief While the theme of this competition – transport – is self-explanatory, the form of the competition will be different.  Each of a contributor’s 4 images, which are required to show 4 different modes of transport, will be marked separately and […]

7 Straight Lines Hand in 28th February 2021

Hand in : 28th February 2021Judged on : 9th March 2021Judge : Pete Boyes Lines are key compositional elements in photography.  For example, repetition of either horizontal or vertical straight lines can convey symmetry and contrast.  Diagonal lines can be used to draw the eye and convey motion.  Numerous crossing straight lines (diagonals, verticals etc) […]

6 Creative Self Portrait. hand in 31st January 2021

Hand in 31st January 2021Judged on 9th February 2021Judge Grahame Mellanby In this age of social media, the ‘selfie’ is a mainstay of popular photography, but artists and photographers have created representations of themselves through paint and film for centuries, so we shouldn’t be bound by the requirements of the ubiquitous ‘selfie stick’. Portraits can be realistic, […]

3 Blue or Red hand in 25th October 2020

Hand in : 25th October 2020Judged on : 3rd November 2020Judge : Mike Barnard Your photos should feature the colours of EITHER blue OR red in each of your submitted images. Featuring either of these colours could range from a picture which is predominantly of this colour throughout to a picture whose main focal point […]

5 East Yorkshire hand in 3rd January 2010

Hand in : 3rd January 2021Judged on : 12th January 2021Judge : Paul Gunning The cinema has suggested that they would like to show more of our local pictures and so this is an opportunity to provide such photos.  As a geographical focus, we would suggest anywhere in Yorkshire east of the city of York […]

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