6 Creative Self Portrait. hand in 31st January 2021

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Hand in 31st January 2021
Judged on 9th February 2021
Judge Grahame Mellanby

In this age of social media, the ‘selfie’ is a mainstay of popular photography, but artists and photographers have created representations of themselves through paint and film for centuries, so we shouldn’t be bound by the requirements of the ubiquitous ‘selfie stick’.

Portraits can be realistic, abstract, or representational. The “self-portrait.” is a true work of art depicting the artist created by their own hand.

Two methods of obtaining photographic self-portraits are widespread. One is photographing a reflection in the mirror, and another method involves setting the camera or capture device upon a tripod, or surface. One might then set the camera’s timer or use a remote-controlled shutter release.

In this instance, we expect you to get creative. Simple ‘selfie’ shots will be penalised, whereas images showing flair or imagination will be rewarded.

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6 Creative Self Portrait. hand in 31st January 2021
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